Visit the Moon Around Huntsville: Apollo 11 Has Officially Begun!

There is so much buzz right now around the Apollo 11 Anniversary, with three major markets being highlighted during this year's events: Cape Canaveral, FL; Houston, TX; and Huntsville, AL. 


While each market contributed to the Moon Landing in their own way, Huntsville's legacy around space exploration is what has fuelled this city - and its thriving economy - for the last several decades, putting it on the map as one of  'The best cities to pursue a STEM career,' (; 'One of the top places to visit in 2019,' (NY Times), and named as the '#7 best places to live in the U.S.' (U.S. News & World Report). 


Making his way from Germany to Huntsville, Werner Von Braun was one of the most important rocket developers and champions of space exploration in the twentieth century. 


In 1950 von Braun’s team moved from Germany to the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, where they designed the Army’s Redstone and Jupiter ballistic missiles, as well as the Jupiter C,  Juno II, and Saturn I launch vehicles. In 1960, President Eisenhower transferred his rocket development center at Redstone Arsenal from the Army to the newly established National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Its primary objective was to develop giant Saturn rockets. Accordingly, von Braun became director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the chief architect of the Saturn V launch vehicle, the superbooster that would propel Americans to the Moon. President John F. Kennedy challenged America to send a man to the Moon by the end of the decade. With the July 20, 1969 moon landing, the Apollo 11 mission fulfilled both Kennedy’s mission and Dr. Von Braun’s lifelong dream.


Huntsville has a legacy focused around aerospace and space exploration, in addition to many other things. Coined the Rocket City, Huntsville is home to the 2nd largest research park in the U.S., has more than 460 defense contractors supporting the U.S. Military, home to several Fortune 500 companies, slated to the be biggest city in the state within the next 5 years, and oh yeah, we have a very, very vibrant culture - including our music scene.


There is so much to take in while in Huntsville to celebrate all things Apollo; check out the killer events calendar that the Huntsville Madison County CVB is managing, head on over to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and learn how to take part in a Global Rocket Launch, and be sure to check out Downtown Huntsville, Inc.'s killer part that will help close out all things Apollo. 



Also - have a little fun during the week by Searching for the Moon - the INTUITIVE Moon, that will be placed throughout the city. Be sure to snap a moonshot and use the hashtag #itsintuitive and #visitthemoonhsv for your chance to win free Planetarium tickets!! 



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