About Us

Focused on strategic marketing, influential communications, and business development, Flourish lends expertise in a variety of areas to build a strong foundation for growth coupled with a lean approach to thinking outside of the box. Based in Huntsville, AL, Flourish serves a roster of clients spanning a variety of industries including aerospace and defense, real estate, telecommunications, cybersecurity, logistics, entertainment, technology, and more. Since its founding in 2018, Flourish has become known for implementing successful marketing and promotional strategies, media relations, and public awareness campaigns for its clients.

Our portfolio of the collaborative effort includes strategic marketing, public relations, media buying, brand development, brand architecture, corporate messaging, demand generation, project management, development of media, publication and media strategies; digital marketing, event management, and ideation & brainstorming around strategic partnerships that will foster long-term growth and market equity.

Huntsville Public Relations Agency

About Our Team

We work really, really hard, but also play hard, too. Work/life balance is essential to us and we strive to instill greatness and positive thinking in all we do.

We strive for innovation and to become better versions of ourselves than we were prior. We are growth-minded and lead by providing value beyond what’s expected or asked of us — in any capacity with which we work.

We purposefully plan for success and embed a successful mindset in all that we engage in. We don’t half-ass any task but we’re also very mindful of resources. We put our best foot forward and are proud of the company we represent.