Nicole Boonin

Nicole Boonin

Account Manager

Meet Nicole

Nicole Boonin is the newest Account Manager on the Flourish Team! Throughout her career, she has developed an entrepreneurial spirit, passion for leadership, devotion to teamwork, and an always-learning mentality. She discovered her passion for understanding and building solid growth strategies through her experience as a former business owner herself. Prior to her role at Flourish, Nicole was a Social Media Manager, a local restaurant owner, and an event planner.

Nicole was born and raised in North Hollywood, California. Although a Valley Girl at heart, Nicole decided to pursue her business marketing education in New York City and graduated Cum Laude from Pace University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing with a concentration on Advertising and Promotion. During her time in college, Nicole interned at Kinetic Worldwide in Los Angeles, California working on traditional media projects for Universal Pictures. Prior to graduation, Nicole visited Huntsville, fell in love with The Rocket City, and decided to move to the North Alabama area to pursue her marketing career in a growing community.

As The Rocket City continues to grow, Nicole looks forward to growing with it. “I can’t wait to help put Huntsville on the map! I can’t see a better way in doing that than with the Flourish team!”