Pearson Safety Solutions (Pearson) provides on-site and online OSHA and DOT safety solutions. While Pearson primarily serves clients in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Arkansas, their proficiency expands beyond the southeast, encompassing clients throughout the United States and Canada. Pearson was looking to revamp its existing presence and position itself for continued growth, and it was looking for a partner to take its market presence to the next level.  Their goal was to formulate a strategic marketing and communications plan that focused on increasing brand awareness, enhancing their reputation among key industry influencers, and ultimately, driving business growth. 


  • Branding
  • Core Messaging
  • Website Design & Development 
  • Collateral Refresh
  • Digital Strategy & Social Media
  • Content Planning and Execution 
  • Webinar Development and Promotion 


To achieve these objectives, Flourish devised a strategy that focused on a brand refresh (to include their website, existing marketing collateral, and core messaging) and a robust plan to drive growth through digital marketing, email marketing, public relations, and social media.  Pearson’s prior brand image paled compared to its considerable expertise, so we embarked on a comprehensive approach to harmonize Pearson’s brand with its industry-leading services, experience, and exceptional client testimonials.

To maintain the integrity of Pearson’s existing brand and reputation, we made careful refinements to elevate their industry presence, which still held to their core values. This included the addition of new brand colors and refined core messaging, which brought consistency, a sense of trust, and more impact to its outward communications. While Pearson’s messaging had the tone and voice to match their expertise, it was more generalized than niche; they now have tailored communication that speaks directly to their primary audience personas, thus creating a solid value proposition and increasing client engagement.

Additionally, we rebuilt their website to include a seamless design with user-centered functionality, resulting in a visually appealing and more impactful website. Our team worked closely with Pearson to develop impactful and engaging tradeshow collateral and booth designs. Last but certainly not least, our team assisted in revamping  Pearson’s approach to content planning, webinar promotion, and webinar execution which resulted in a solid increase in registrants and attendees. 

The Results

Increased Email Marketing Success

Email Marketing was the ultimate litmus test for the effectiveness of Pearson’s refreshed branding, core messaging, and website enhancements. A strong email campaign requires three crucial elements: cohesive and recognizable branding, messaging that resonates with the intended audience, and a distinct and compelling call-to-action (CTA) that prompts a response or engagement from the recipient.

These changes, coupled with close collaboration in content enhancements from the Pearson team, resulted in an 84% increase in email open rates and a 12,612% increase in click rates. 

Webinar Promotion & Execution

Webinars are an incredible opportunity for Pearson to share subject matter expertise where safety professionals can get an up-close education session on the topic. Although Pearson has been hosting webinars in the past, there’s always room for enhancement. To drive intentional growth and engagement, we leveraged a combination of LinkedIn ads, email marketing, social media, and internal employee promotion to increase registrations and attendees. 

After implementing the revised approach, each webinar experienced a rise in both registrants and attendees, attributed to the enhanced learning opportunities and targeted promotions aimed at industry professionals. Flourish capitalized on the chance to engage the Pearson audience directly through LinkedIn ads, leveraging the monthly email list of salesforce leads shared by Pearson. This list contained valuable data such as job titles and company affiliations, enabling the Flourish team to construct a highly targeted LinkedIn audience. As a result, the LinkedIn campaigns consistently achieved 50 link clicks per impression and averaged 6,000 impressions.

While webinar promotion and registration were the driving forces behind the development of the ad campaigns, the result was much more profound. Those 15,490 individual impressions are 15,490 sets of eyes on Pearson’s brand and expertise—which is priceless. 


Development of Content Structure & Campaigns

The construction industry and OSHA are highly in tune with trends like National Safety Month, Holiday Mental Health Awareness, and Heat Stress Campaigns, just to name a few. To capitalize on these campaigns,  we researched the topic, gathered relevant information from both industry and other industry professionals, and developed a suite of content to be shared on behalf of Pearson which influenced email content, blogs, social media,  future webinar topics, and more.

Pearson followers responded well to the content, which showed clients and prospective clients the team behind all things safety and most importantly, all things Pearson. Each post gained high engagement and resulted in new page followers.

For example, for National Safety Month, Flourish requested short bios and photos from each Pearson employee to share on social media. 

The construction industry and OSHA are highly in-tune with trends like National Safety Month, Holiday Mental Health Awareness, and Heat Stress Campaigns just to name a few. The Flourish team identified these industry trends in content during their strategy research and capitalized on the opportunity to align PSS content with industry conversations. 

Via a campaign structure, Flourish researched the topic, gathered relevant information, and developed a suite of content to be shared on behalf of the PSS team. From email content, blogs, social media, and even webinars.