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Flourish is your go-to, Huntsville-based Woman Owned Marketing Agency that puts your growth strategy at the forefront of everything we do. Huntsville Marketing is much more than t-shirts and trade show booths. Consumers are searching for a feeling just as much as they are searching for a product. In this connected age, your brand and how you position yourself will either push you forward, or be your biggest obstacle. Where is your brand taking you? Take a look at a few of the services we offer, and feel free to give us a shout for a free consultation to see if Flourish is right for your business.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Compelling brands spark an instant connection. But looks and style alone can’t grow a relationship. You need substance and depth, accessibility and intrigue, and an energy that draws people closer. We set the stage for engagement through a branding process that not only differentiates you from the competition but comports with your competitive analysis plan, audience profile analysis and overall marketing communications strategy.

At Flourish, we help our clients achieve just that. Down to our roots, we are passionate about doing what it takes to make your brand seen and heard and keep it growing stronger daily. As one of Huntsville’s top marketing agencies, we create a plan to help our clients break ground in known opportunity areas and uncover and capitalize on new ones. Ultimately, your product or service will have a personality all its own, one that your buyers trust and respect. Instantly recognizable as a powerhouse in its industry, your brand will become a force to be reckoned with.

Your brand marketing strategy and positioning are the keys to growing equity and achieving your long-term goals. What’s your brand’s personality and voice? How about Its purpose and differentiators? Strategy informs every decision we make and action we take across our agency—from creative to media, account management to digital development. Through marketing strategy development and communication initiatives, we give your brand the tools to flourish and excel.


Engage With A Purpose

There’s no magic formula for success on social media, but a proven process exists to achieve your goals. Whether you struggle with engagement, content creation, or getting an ROI from social media advertising, we have the solution for your brand to succeed.

Friends, relatives, news publications, celebrities, and brands all compete simultaneously for the social consumer’s attention. To rise above the fray, we must determine what value your brand can provide to its audience; what will make them pause, take notice, and react to the content we place in front of them? Answering that question begins with a deep-dive look at how consumers assemble, communicate, and consume information digitally and then use that data to inform activity across your ecosystem.

At Flourish, we believe that the secret to killer social media marketing lies in innovation. Our social media experts utilize the latest platforms, strategies and tactics to ensure our clients succeed in the vast, ever-expanding social world. We monitor and take advantage of shifts in the field, providing comprehensive social media marketing to attract followers and create loyal advocates for your brand.

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Influence The Decision-Making Process

Marketing Strategy

We have been living in a world of big data for years now. For some, this is something out of a science fiction movie, but for businesses, it is an incredible tool for getting a comprehensive look at what you do and how to do it better. How exactly can it help you with your Huntsville marketing strategies?

Here at Flourish, we can use this data to yield tons of useful information about your customers’ habits and just what they like about you and how to capitalize upon that. We can use information like their gender, age, location and career to get a complete and detailed picture of just who your customer base is. 

Knowing who your customers are and what their personality is like is absolutely crucial to business development. A report by Salesforce revealed that around 52% of customers stated they would switch brands if they did not make an effort to personalize the interactions they have with them. Is that really something you can afford to undergo? We don’t think so. 

Today, every marketing plan must consider every possible angle. Your strategy has to be able to work with just about every media channel — traditional and digital — to reach consumers in the right way, at the right time, with an authentic and personalized message. It’s a big ask. So we work as cross-functional teams. Dig deep into the data. Carefully track emerging trends. And align digital and traditional channels. We do all of this so we can create a plan to help our clients breakthrough in known opportunity areas, and uncover and capitalize on new ones, too.


Create Impactful Content

We live in a very fast-paced business landscape where brands fly by customers faster than Usain Bolt. You need a lot of flair to catch their eye, but not so cluttered and inefficient that it isn’t pleasing to the eye. This is incredibly difficult when you consider how noisy the world is. Both, large and small brands, are pushing out content through every medium you can imagine. Your audience is constantly distracted everywhere they go, with social media ads, billboards, flyers, and more. How can you stand out amongst the thousands of brands pushing out content?

Great design doesn’t just present an impressive message or image; it solves problems with efficiency and grace. At Flourish, we take an approach that envelopes your brand’s true style into beautifully crafted designs that elevate your message most effectively.  Our designs are visually compelling and move your customers to action. We start with understanding your customer: identifying their point of view and serving up the most relevant, engaging visual imagery. We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses, so we’ve probably got some insight into what your customers need to see.

Whether big or small, multinational or family-owned, every business has a story to tell. Let us help you tell it.

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Your Foundation For Growth

Huntsville Strategic Marketing Agency

Close your eyes and imagine heading out on a road trip with no map or GPS on hand. One wrong turn, and you’re headed down a completely different path than you had initially planned. That’s what it’s like trying to put marketing in place without a set strategic plan.  That’s where we come in. We are here to be your GPS or, your strategic marketing partner.

At Flourish, we leverage our digital experience, analytics expertise, and a team of experts to build a marketing strategy that delivers exceptional results. In a disruption landscape, our team blends the art and science of strategy, seizing opportunities through actionable insights and powerful storytelling. 

We help identify business goals, objectives, problems, and challenges and define the best way to get there. From market research and audience analysis to problem identification, market differentiation, positioning, and benchmarking, we go above and beyond to create a strategy that excites everyone and is built on measurable goals to help your business thrive. 


Make Your Site Work For You

Anyone can set up a website. Here at Flourish, we’re not just anyone and you’re not just another name in the vast pool of search engines. You feel proud of your brand, now it’s time to feel that same sense of pride with your website. We see technology as a way to reach your business goals, so that’s why we are always staying on top of online trends. Think of your website as the backbone for all your digital marketing efforts. Every piece of marketing you put out, social media or a print flyer, needs somewhere to call their homebase. 

Our web development experts help streamline your website functionality to not only ensure a good user experience and bring in new customers, but to also take a load off of your day-to-day work processes. We do what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

We provide comprehensive front and back-end development solutions for all of your website needs. We’re experts at coding and living in the “Cloud”. Our team of innovators and digital marketers in tech and design bring skills above and beyond the ordinary to every project. From compelling web designs to captivating interactive experiences, take your digital marketing beyond the expected. Learn how Flourish’s web designers and Internet marketers can help you connect with your audience.

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Tell A Captivating Story

Huntsville Public Relations Agency

There’s a reason why Bill Gates said, “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.” In the era of “fake news,” consumers are savvier than ever before, and their loyalty isn’t easily won. 

PR is the art of storytelling. We specialize in creating brand stories that connect and collaborate with audiences to promote understanding, manage perception and change behavior.  Our media experts combine creativity with great storytelling to get your voice heard.

Your business can’t go very far if no one’s heard of it. A strong media relations plan not only boosts brand awareness; it influences public perception and reinforces your professional credibility. No matter how large or small your business is, the media relationships you cultivate go a long way toward building a solid advantage in the market.

From press releases to news contacts, we’ll work with the most effective media channels to enhance the public’s knowledge and understanding, and create a positive reception of your brand. We’ll manage powerful content, accurate sources, and efficient timing to maximize your business’ media coverage.

Do you have a story to tell? Do the right people know it? At Flourish, we find and tell the stories that get people talking.


Make it Memorable

Email gets caught in spam filters, or lost with the daily 100 other emails received. Direct mail ends up at the bottom of a pile of other mail. A phone call goes straight to voicemail. So how are you supposed to reach your customer?

Community relations can be intensely rewarding – both personally and professionally – and it pays off financially as more people come to recognize your brand as supportive, dedicated, and trustworthy. Staying active in your community improves brand awareness, displays social responsibility, and opens up a host of new business opportunities – all crucial for a successful marketing strategy.

We understand that event production is a fast-changing, often challenging endeavor, and our team is designed to support those realities. At Flourish, we work hard to stay on the forefront of the trends and technologies shaping the event production industry. Hard work ensures every event is as effortless and successful as possible for our clients and partners.

Whatever your angle, we’ll coordinate versatile, effective strategies to capture your target audience and achieve your business goals.



Capture Your Brand in an Engaging Way

Huntsville Marketing Agency Camera

Video and strategic marketing are a match made in heaven. There is no better way for your message, brand, culture and mission to be communicated than through engaging and impactful video. Although platforms for video have changed over the years, the options have only become more robust and customizable – creating a unique way for your customers to get to know you and your company. Statistics have shown that video marketing is 600% more effective than print and direct mail – combined! That’s insane, if you really think about it. Videos – short or long – can be used on your website, social media, blogs, campaign landing pages, in email outreach, as webinar content, in employee newsletters and as a supplemental, yet powerful component when you’re pitching to the media.

Our team will work with you from the beginning to develop a thoughtful, yet impactful, storyline to communicate your message and oversee the creative process from start to finish to ensure you’re pleased with the outcome. We’ll also collaborate on unique promotional ideas to get the biggest bang for your buck – and recommend where your video will get the most return.

Video is a fantastic way for your customers to get to you and your company. Why not give it a shot?