Women's History Month: Celebrating One Fabulous Woman at a Time

March 6, 2020

The list of ah-mazing women we get to interact with on a daily basis - and those that inspire us from afar - could go on forever. And ever. And like, ever. 


One of the many, many reasons we love being in Huntsville, AL is the phenomenal community and network of people that we get to engage with each and every day. Sure, our city is FULL of super smart rocket scientists who are everywhere, but there is such a unique variety of strong, influential and game changing women who are impacting our community and beyond in so many ways. Additionally, we have a TON of killer gals who are rocking the entrepreneur space who happen to be Military spouses..heck yeah and Hooah! 


Here's a video our team put together to celebrate those closest to us, and those who inspire us from afar. Enjoy! 



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