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How to Ignite Your Marketing

This session, presented in collaboration with The Catalyst Center for Business & Entrepreneurship, helps business owners learn how to make marketing work for them vs against them. This includes information on how to build your brand,  craft and master your elevator pitch, determine which website platform might be right for you, and which social media outlet you should be active on. There’s SO much that we can elaborate on, but this session will give you just a taste of a few of things Flourish can help you with.

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Facebook Deep Dive

Your business is on Facebook – but now what? Simply having a business page and posting twice a week is not a successful strategy – you need more!  This session will provide robust information on how to leverage this tool to its full potential. Deep dive topics include Facebook ads, boosted posts, groups, Facebook live, how to build captivating posts, understanding analytics and more.

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Intro to Canva

If your business is not using Canva, you are totally missing out. The ‘graphics design tool for the non-graphics designer’ is the answer to creative prayers everywhere. This inexpensive and versatile tool will change the way you develop creative assets – to include everything from social media posts, business cards, brochures, to invitations, gifs and more. This workshop will provide an overview on the tool, how to get started and how to create beautiful, creative pieces that will expand your technical skills without having an expert in-house.

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Marketing Strategy

Failure to plan is planning to fail. It’s just that simple. The #1 problem we find within businesses we interact with is the lack of strategy guiding their efforts. Developing an overarching plan is key to ensure you target the right people, at the right time, using the right platform with the right message. Where do you want your business to be in 1, 3, 5  years down the road? Do you know who your competitors are? How is your brand represented in the market? What’s your value proposition and why should your customers care about YOU? This session is probably our most favorite – and most requested topic – because once you establish this, everything else falls into place.

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Email Marketing

With more than 80% of small businesses relying on email marketing as part of their customer retention program, it’s no wonder this tool has become a cornerstone for a successful marketing strategy. Not sure where to start? This course will provide an in-depth look at how to implement a robust email marketing campaign, focused on customer segmentation, recommended email marketing providers, how to create captivating emails, how to build an overarching strategy, how to analyze data to influence future email campaigns and much more.

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Marketing 101

 Hint: it’s more than just t-shirts and logos. Understanding true strategic marketing – and we mean the kind that thinks outside the box and places your company in a light all its own – can be a game changer. Where should you devote your time? How can you use market research to influence how you price your product or service? Who is your ideal customer, and how do you find them? What is the role of marketing and how has it changed over the years? Digital vs traditional – what’s the difference? Don’t be fooled by what you think marketing is. When understood for its true value – marketing can absolutely make your business soar.

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Instagram Deep Dive

Instagram is all the rage and it can literally transform your business. You may be on it – but are you really using it to maximize your business’ exposure? This deep dive takes IG to the next level, and will help you understand how to use stories to engage with your audience, how to generate income directly from IG, how to create beautiful and engaging posts that promote your brand and culture, how to broaden your reach by partnering with social influencers, and so much more.

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Canva Deep Dive

Know just enough of Canva to be dangerous? This deep dive will take those skills to the next level and understand how to maximize this tool to its full potential. Custom brand kits, dynamic social media graphics, logo development and team sharing are just a few of the items we’ll cover during this informative and interactive session. Note: Canva subscription recommended as real-time exercises are encouraged during the workshop.

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Custom Workshops

One of the things we love most about what we do is collaborating with our clients and developing custom solutions to fit their needs and unique areas of opportunity. Let’s brainstorm and figure out a custom workshop designed for your business. We’ll make it interactive, engaging and will provide the tools you need for continued success. Contact our team today for custom pricing and details.

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Social Media 101

Do you want to promote your business but are not sure where to start on social media? It can be a confusing territory if you don’t know how to maneuver it – and even more challenging to stand out when you’re not aware of its full capability. In this workshop, we’ll dive into different social media platforms to help you determine which is best for your business and what will help fuel your growth. This will include an overview and recommended strategy behind Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Snapchat. You’ll leave knowing where to apply your efforts – and what to leave behind.