Flourish Consulting is a full-service creative strategic marketing agency located in Huntsville, AL

Marketing is much more than t-shirts and trade show booths. Consumers are searching for a feeling just as much as they are searching for a product. In this connected age, your brand and how you position yourself will either push you forward, or be your biggest obstacle. Where is your brand taking you?

Tell us where you want to go. We’ll design the creative roadmap to get you there. With a name like Flourish, our mission speaks for itself. We aim to fuel your growth.



Megan’s background ranges from working in non-profit to multi-million-dollar organizations, doing everything from digital marketing, public relations, strategic communications, business development and more. Most recently she’s worked in high tech and noticed the lack of insight and faith in what strategic marketing is really all about. It goes beyond just ‘making things pretty.’ Instead, it involves creative collaboration, market understanding, competitive awareness and so much more – which drove her to start Flourish in 2018.