Flourish has an incredibly talented team that’s easy to work with. Love how every project big or small gets treated importantly and they do a phenomenal job working within a budget.

JoHelene PatrickNorth Alabama Regional Director, AKF

When we set out to launch AMIIC into our incredible community we weren’t just looking for a marketing or PR firm…we were looking for a trusted partnership to navigate an uncharted journey with. We found it and so much more in our friends at Flourish. An epically diverse and talented group of creative and strategic professionals who tackle each challenge with sober intention, the highest ethical standard, and unmatched regional expertise. Plus… we have a have a ton of fun together. 

John SchmittExecutive Director, Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Integration Center

We’ve been working with Flourish for less than a year and they’ve already revolutionized our online presence and more than showed us their worth. Flourish’s team are hard working women who have taken our internal ideas and expanded them to make them more impactful. The team that we work with are responsive, willing to pitch in during any marketing and public relations event that pops up, and have done a great job transforming our marketing strategy. We love working with Flourish and can’t wait to see where they take us next!

Jennifer Gray ElwellVice President, Business Operations, Gray Analytics

The Flourish team is such a kind and talented group of professionals that are creative, energetic, attentive and overly fun to work with. This group will bury themselves in your world and become a very welcomed part of your organization and totally bring out the best in what you have to offer. They are excellent with being able to measure your growth with full accountability and transparency. I highly recommend this amazing team.

Alan LittleWilsonLittle Team

I’ve been working with Flourish for just under a year and it has been absolutely fantastic!! I highly recommend them!!

CMG Real Estate

Flourish is the best in the business when it comes to all of your marketing needs. Whether it’s branding, public relations, web development, or anything else in the marketing world, they should absolutely be your go-to.

Eric HughesOwner at Hughes Web Designs

Megan and her team are professional, creative, and eager to make your project a success! I am grateful to have been connected with this amazing group!

Ana LewisFounder, Native or Not

Flourish helped Tango Tango develop and launch our first legitimate email campaigns. When they came on with us we were a very small business, and Flourish helped us change that. Flourish now runs our national PR campaigns as well as our Social Media campaigns. We simply would not be where we are without them!

Philip KovacsCEO, Tango Tango

Megan and her team are incredible to work with. They take a very thorough approach to strategy development, implementation, and feedback. If you are looking for a team that can really dive in, understand opportunities for your business or program, and provide recommendations that can move the needle – go with Flourish!

Toni EberhartCorporate Communications, Mazda Toyota Manufacturing

Flourish are subject matter experts in the field and exudes professionalism in every way; I highly recommend them!

Dennis NortonOwner, Rocket City Property Management Group