“Flourish made our rebranding seamless. The team listened to our ideas and provided several options that allowed us to identify and refine our new brand. From start to finish, we felt very involved while receiving professional guidance. Since rebranding, it’s been a seamless transition as we order new marketing pieces and rebrand our materials due to their comprehensive branding package that includes every graphic, font, and color reference we need to move forward.”

Ann AndersonExecutive Director of ENABLE Madison County

The support from Flourish has done phenomenal things for our business. Number one, it has really helped with our name recognition here in the community. It’s also allowed us to really be accountable for our marketing and to make sure that we are being intentional with the dollars that we are spending on our marketing efforts. They have taken the guesswork out of so much for us and allowed us to really focus in areas we want to. Rather than having to go through the learning curve of figuring out social media or our website or how to do public relations.

Amanda PopeInvariant Corporation

Megan and her team have really helped us create brand guidelines and brand standards and really create that message to be consistent so when people see anything that comes out of the Madison Chamber they recognize our logo and branding. They truly do care and not only give back to the community. But they truly do care about your business and making what they’re doing makes your business succeed.

Michelle EplingMadison Chamber of Commerce

We knew that in order to be successful we had to have broad community support, we had to look clean, we had to have a really succinct communication message. The problem was we didn’t really exist yet. I reach out to Megan with this crazy idea and said, ‘Hey we really don’t what this is yet, but are up for helping us out?’ We did a community kick-off at Mars music hall – which was awesome- and here we are two years later. We could’ve had the best strategy in the world but without vision and communicating a clear message to the broad-based community effort that we were chasing. I don’t know if we could have ever done it without them.

John SchmittAMIIC

One word that I would use to describe Flourish would be mission-critical. My partnership with Flourish is mission-critical to the success of my business launch and future growth. You get this multitalented team on your side. It’s truly been a collaborative effort from the very beginning – brainstorming ideas all the way to seeing their finished products come to fruition.

Karen WuNew Edge Technology

They have helped us feature some of our subject matter experts in short videos explaining what they really do for customers and what draws and keeps them with our company  – it has been very valuable. We brought them to our space to help us enhance our social media presence as well as to help us with marketing branding and just showing our customers who we are.

Richard ManleyThompson Gray

I was really looking at a way to level up our marketing efforts, it was always a part-time job for somebody in the company.  But I really wanted to take it to the next level. They do everything from digital media, our website, they do our social media presence. They help with banners and collateral they help with printing the material.

Sameer SinghalCFD Research

Flourish has an incredibly talented team that’s easy to work with. Love how every project big or small gets treated importantly and they do a phenomenal job working within a budget.

JoHelene PatrickNorth Alabama Regional Director, AKF

When we set out to launch AMIIC into our incredible community we weren’t just looking for a marketing or PR firm…we were looking for a trusted partnership to navigate an uncharted journey with. We found it and so much more in our friends at Flourish. An epically diverse and talented group of creative and strategic professionals who tackle each challenge with sober intention, the highest ethical standard, and unmatched regional expertise. Plus… we have a have a ton of fun together. 

John SchmittExecutive Director, Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Integration Center

We’ve been working with Flourish for less than a year and they’ve already revolutionized our online presence and more than showed us their worth. Flourish’s team are hard working women who have taken our internal ideas and expanded them to make them more impactful. The team that we work with are responsive, willing to pitch in during any marketing and public relations event that pops up, and have done a great job transforming our marketing strategy. We love working with Flourish and can’t wait to see where they take us next!

Jennifer Gray ElwellVice President, Business Operations, Gray Analytics