Running a successful company is your focus.

Strategic marketing for government contractors is ours.

Although any good marketing strategy should be unique to your business goals, asking yourself these questions may help determine where you can thrive.

How are you recruiting and maintaining the BEST talent possible in a highly competitive market?

Your brand is the front door to the culture of your organization, and being able to communicate that effectively is critical to recruiting and retaining top talent. From highlighting your technical capabilities, promoting your company culture, and enhancing your public relations to increasing your brand visibility, identifying your target audience, and communicating with them regularly, Flourish understands just how critical effective external communication is to your recruitment efforts. Just as important as obtaining top talent is keeping them, so Flourish can also help you create and execute employee engagement programs, community service initiatives, as well as opportunities for employee recognition to ensure your employees feel included and have a sense of pride in the company. The bottom line is, having a strategic plan for people to learn about you and promote what you do is essential to engaging the public, current and prospective employees. Otherwise, how else will they know you’re there?

Are you making BIG impacts in your community, but no one knows about it?

Many companies struggle with the idea of patting themselves on the back for their community service. But the reality is, most people want to do business with organizations that give back to the community. And any organization that has a philanthropic arm, should be publicly sharing it for a number of reasons: It helps people understand their values, mission, and what’s important to them. It can also signal to other companies with similar passions that your company might be a fitting partner in the future. Also, when you think about being considered for awards, community impact is often a factor, so talking about what you’re doing can certainly be useful in setting you apart from your competitors. Being able to promote the fact that you give back to the community and that you’re leaving a legacy beyond your organizational structure can be game changers for your business.

What influence do your technical SMEs have within your industry?

Showcasing your SMEs technical expertise can help validate your position against competitors, demonstrate your unique value proposition, showcase an aspect of your company culture, and more.   Efforts around this may include securing a keynote or speaking opportunity at an industry trade show, publishing content in industry-leading trade journals, magazines and websites, gaining recognition through industry awards…the list goes on! Additionally, employees that are chosen to take part and represent the business through SME-focused efforts is a great way to boost their morale and make them feel part of the larger mission.

How do your company’s capabilities stand out from your competitors?

This really all comes down to branding. Again, if nobody knows what you do, how will they know to engage with you? Or you might be communicating something online about your core capabilities that isn’t accurate or includes outdated information. Increasing your brand visibility by strategically communicating with the right people at the right time can give you a competitive edge and help you become the first company customers think about for partnership.

How are you positioning yourself for key partnerships, joint ventures, and business development initiatives?

All of the previous questions really lead you here- brand awareness. Think about it this way… If you are on the dating scene and you create a dating profile, but that profile is lackluster, has low quality photos, and doesn’t have an updated description of who you are, just imagine the kinds of responses you might get. The same is true for business development in the government contracting world. If others are looking at you and thinking you’re lackluster, don’t have the technical capability they’re looking for or don’t have a culture that aligns with that organization’s mission, you’re likely to lose out on opportunities that could propel your business forward. These are things you should consider when putting yourself out there for acquisition or joint venture, and having a brand that accurately reflects who you are is key.

Hear From Some of Our Clients

“They do everything from digital media, our website… they do our social media presence. They help with banners and collateral. They help with printing the material. You really just give them a very vague notion of an idea of what you want, and they just [kind of] take it and run with it.”

Sameer Singhal
CE0, CFD Research

“They have helped feature some of our subject matter experts in short videos, explaining what they really do for our customers and what really draws them and keeps them with our company. That’s been very valuable.”

Richard Manley
President, Thompson Gray

“The support from Flourish has done phenomenal things for our business… It’s really helped our name recognition here in the community. It’s also allowed us to really be accountable for our marketing and to make sure that we were being intentional with the dollars that we are spending on our marketing efforts.”

Amanda Pope
Chief Strategy Officer, Invariant Corporation

“Today, Flourish is indispensable…they’re part of our family and they’re part of our culture. They have helped us grow from a small team to 15+ people with national influence, and we’ve met our goal to be a trusted partner in our community; that doesn’t happen by accident.”

John Schmitt
Executive Director, AMIIC

We customize our services and pricing to your unique needs.

My company has a team of 10 or less and doesn’t know where to start with marketing.

We’ve worked with many businesses just getting started and we can help you, too. Our team will work with you to establish your brand, design your logo and create consistent marketing materials, including presentations, capabilities briefs, brochures, slick sheets, and more. We will also build your social media presence and following, and manage your accounts by posting regular content that will push potential customers and hires to your website. You may be small, but you don’t have to do it all on your own. Let our team do the heavy lifting to grow your market presence so you can focus on what you do best.

Typical clients that we support at this level invest anywhere from $40K – $60k annually, or $3K – $5K/month.

My company has a team of roughly 15-20 employees and may benefit from a better marketing presence.

To stand out in your community and industry, you need a dedicated strategy that works in your favor and helps your business grow organically. Publishing regular content, engaging on social media, and pitching your SMEs as local-area influencers who can put your brand on the map and gain market validation is what you need to take your efforts to the next level. Also, as your business grows, how does top talent assess your brand, culture, and strengths? How can you provide a better place of employment than the big guys, yet still offer solid incentives? By strategically promoting yourself, you’ll gain visibility to your customers and team members you’re trying to attract.

Typical clients that we support at this level invest anywhere from $60K – $80k annually, or $5K – $7K/month.

My company has been in business for 10+ years and leans on a single team member to handle our marketing efforts.

Leaning on 1-2 people for marketing may have worked in the past but won’t sustain your growth long-term. Perhaps your growth has even already bumped you into a new NAICS code and you’re competing against the big guys and don’t have the innovation you need to compete. This is where the fun begins. Flourish thrives in bringing results for companies in this situation.

The bottom line, you don’t know what you don’t know. While your team has done well in the past, with amplified marketing efforts, your company can do even better. If you don’t have a dedicated team that strives to think outside the box and push the envelope, it will remain difficult to stand out against industry leaders. Having a dedicated team that only focuses on your growth goals will enable you to have the best resources possible when going after contracts or opportunities. Can you confidently say you have that implemented with your current team? If the answer is ‘no,’ then let us help.

Typical clients that we support at this level invest upwards of $100K+ annually with month-to-month support varying based on need.

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