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Costco Connection: Small Business Spotlight

Flourish’s Founder and CEO, Megan Nivens-Tannett, was recently featured in Costo Connection’s March Cover Story. This piece features stories of triumph from five entrepreneurs and Costco Business Members from all over the country, elaborating on the ways they’ve managed to pivot, adapt, and survive the pandemic. According to the latest small business statistics, nearly one-third…

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Uncategorized trade show marketing

How to Make the Most out of Your Trade Show

Trade shows provide businesses across the globe with opportunities to showcase their products and services, engage with industry leaders and professionals, stay in touch with customers, and build relationships with potential leads. Although the COVID-19 pandemic brought in-person events to a halt, conferences are making a long-awaited return. If you’re looking to jump back into…

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Uncategorized A Love Letter to Flourish

A Love Letter to Flourish

As teams continue to grow and evolve, it’s no surprise to see our colleagues transition into different chapters of their careers. In the case of our Senior Account Coordinator, Presley Price, the time has come to do just that! We’re so honored to have had the chance to work with Presley and to see her…

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Uncategorized Color Model Guide

A Simplified Guide to Color Models

Did you know there are thousands of regularly used colors and millions more that can be distinguished by the human eye? Naming each color would be impossible. However, scientists have devised various systems of assigning numeric values to colors. These systems are called color models, and they provide precise methods for naming and reproducing exact…

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News United Way of Huntsville

Video: Community Giving with United Way

Community Giving with United Way We recently sat down with the stellar team from United Way of Madison County. Hear more from Claudia and Kathy from United Way on the needs of our community and the importance of lending a helping hand throughout the year. This was an inspiring and eye-opening interview for our team.…

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Uncategorized Tracking Your Online Conversions

Google Analytics: How to Track Your Conversions & Increase Online Sales

Google Analytics (Analytics) is an invaluable tool for business owners and marketers as it enables insight into website user behavior, providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions and optimize your communications strategy. Analytics is useful for all businesses in Huntsville, but the platform has several tools designed specifically to benefit e-commerce…

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The Power of Video Marketing

Now more than ever, social media platforms are prioritizing videos in their algorithm. Video marketing in Huntsville has evolved over the past 10 years in Huntsville and will become more and more popular over time. Keep in mind, a great video is a visual representation of the story you want to tell your audience. What…

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