One of the many goals of the Huntsville/Madison County 9-1-1 Center (HMC 9-1-1) is to educate our community around topics such as emergency preparedness, fire safety, how to be an effective 9-1-1 caller and more. A core audience that is regularly engaged is younger children, primarily elementary-aged. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic presented unique challenges as this face-to-face, interactive activity was no longer an option due to the statewide, virtual school mandate. However, this information was just as critical during this time, and the center needed to find a way to still engage with students while offering them valuable, and potentially life-saving, information.


As HMC 9-1-1’s Strategic Growth Partner, Flourish collaborated with each agency that HMC 9-1-1 serves to develop, shoot and produce a virtual education series that was aimed towards elementary aged students with the intent of creating an at-home, engaging opportunity that can be entertaining, yet informative. In addition, we wanted to create something that was conducive to at-home learning, meaning the students had the flexibility to take part when it made sense for their virtual learning schedules (which varied from student to student). Safety with Sprocket, developed in partnership with the Rocket CityTrash Pandas, included a series of videos that helped students learn how to be an informed 9-1-1 call taker, understanding the basics of fire safety, how to create an emergency preparedness plan and more. Each video featured one of HMC 9-1-1’s agency partners (total 8) and HMC 9-1-1’s own calltakers. In addition to the videos, we created printable coloring worksheets that helped to reinforce education while being home during the virtual school year. 

Safety with Sprocket, which was launched at the beginning of Emergency Preparedness Month, was promoted heavily within our community and was fuelled by a publicity and media strategy involving local area news outlets,  the City of Huntsville, the City of Madison, Huntsville City Schools, Madison City Schools and Madison County Schools. In addition, promotion was done on social media, within local area Mom groups, homeschooling organizations and more.  


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Safety With Sprocket

Safety with Sprocket is an educational curriculum designed to engage children about the importance of emergency preparedness. In partnership with the Rocket City Trash Pandas, WAFF and the Huntsville-Madison County 9-1-1 Center, this series of videos will teach children about the importance of emergency preparedness, how to react to fire, what to do when faced with a stranger, and more.

How To Be an Effective 9-1-1 Caller

Katie and Jessica from Huntsville-Madison County 9-1-1 Center discuss how to be an effective 9-1-1 caller.

All About Fire Safety

Madison Fire & Rescue explains to WAFF Sports Anchor Carl Prather what to do in the event of a fire emergency. Captain Mike also provides kids with tips on fire prevention.

Medical Emergencies and Basic First Aid

Paramedic Angie with HEMSI joins Katie with the Huntsville-Madison County 9-1-1 Center to discuss what to do in the event of a medical emergency and basic first aid anyone can do.

Your Emergency Plan

Mary and Katie from the Huntsville-Madison County 9-1-1 Center discuss tips on how to create your own emergency plan.

All About Stranger Safety

WAFF Sports Anchor Carl Prather is joined by Huntsville Police Department and Madison Police Department to discuss stranger safety. The trio dives into what a stranger is, what stranger safety is and tips to stay safe.

Safety with Sprocket