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CASA of Madison County, a long-standing organization providing services to the elderly and homebound, has been making a significant impact for over 40 years. However, they recognize the need to re-energize their focus and establish a new brand identity to drive continued growth. With confusion surrounding its brand, target audience, and services, CASA of Madison County sought a collaborative partner to refine its brand and develop a fresh, strategic approach.


Flourish embarked on a comprehensive approach to revitalizing its brand. Through a collaborative process, Flourish developed a new brand identity that captured CASA’s essence and what differentiated them in the market. This included creating a compelling organization name, designing a versatile and memorable logo, and providing a comprehensive brand guide for consistency.

Additionally, Flourish carried this updated identity to CASA’s website, which showcased CASA’s services, impact, and opportunities for involvement. Throughout the process, Flourish fostered collaboration, seeking feedback and incorporating CASA’s insights to ensure the final design resonated with their team and target audience.

The partnership between CASA of Madison County and Flourish resulted in a successful transformation into ENABLE Madison County. The revitalized brand identity clarified ENABLE’s mission attracted new donors (while engaing existing ones), and positioned them for long-term growth. The engaging website was a powerful tool for showcasing ENABLE’s impact and encouraging community support. Flourish’s expertise in branding and web development empowered ENABLE to position itself as a leading organization, making a meaningful difference in the lives of the elderly and homebound in Madison County.

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