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The Alabama Kidney Foundation (AKF) is a statewide non-profit organization serving low-income kidney patients across Alabama through education, financial resources and support services. Reaching these patients in low-income households is absolutely vital. Although the organization had been established for over 45 years, it still lacked brand awareness throughout the state. Without the proper resources to increase awareness throughout Alabama about its ongoing mission and initiatives, AKF could not achieve the recognition or funding it needed to deliver its vital services to the community.

That’s why JoHelene Patrick, North Alabama Regional Director of the AKF, approached our team in hopes of raising awareness around the programs AKF provides to its local communities. Through awareness of the programs available and the issues the organization positively impacts through its work, the AKF hoped to gain more fundraising for and widespread utilization of its initiative.


To assist the Alabama Kidney Foundation with its brand awareness in the Alabama region, we deployed a statewide campaign and toolkit for the Regional Directors across the state to use and support their branding, publicity, and fundraising efforts. To help further the AKF’s mission, our team also filmed PSA videos with Daron Payne to spread awareness of the impact of kidney disease. Additionally, we helped plan and promote the AKF’s 2021 and 2022 Kidney Walks.

Website Optimization & Social Media Templates

To help website visitors get a clear picture of its mission and founding story, Flourish provided updated messaging on the website to highlight the heartbeat behind the initiative and what started it all. This helped to provide context on the founding story of the organization and why it’s so important to continue its mission today.

Oftentimes, nonprofit organizations are wearing many different hats, which means that areas like social media get overlooked. To ease this burden on the organization, Flourish provided the AKF team with social media post templates as well as holiday posts to alleviate this challenge.

Op-Ed, Press Release Templates & PSA Videos

For a nonprofit organization like the AKF, publicity is crucial. To help the AKF efficiently communicate its impact through ongoing and future initiatives in the press, Flourish curated press release templates and worked with a doctor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham to ghost author an Op-Ed on Alabama’s kidney problem and how organizations like the AKF help educate and provide patients the support they need.

The AKF was also given the unique opportunity to collaborate with Daron Payne, current Washington Commanders defensive tackle and UA alumni. Daron and his mother, Kemberly Payne, wanted to get involved with the AKF’s mission. Kemberly was a kidney transplant survivor and through these PSA videos, Flourish was able to capture how kidney disease has impacted their family and why it’s important to support organizations like the AKF.

Flourish assisted the AKF with this partnership by facilitating a video PSA from Daron and Kemberly. We wrote a script and facilitated an interview with the two. Flourish created one long-form video with three short-form video versions for the AKF to leverage as needed on their platforms. On YouTube, the long-form video has reached over 200 users.

2021-2022 Huntsville & Shoals Area Kidney Walk Support

Fundraising events can make a large impact on non-profits and their ability to fulfill their mission but require a large time investment to plan, promote, and facilitate. Flourish helped the AKF’s 2021 and 2022 kidney walks succeed in their fundraising goals by supporting the events’ public relations efforts and social media coverage.

In Spring 2021, the AKF approached Thompson Gray CEO, Ron Gray and his wife Cindy, to be Honorary Walk Chairs for the 2021 Huntsville Kidney Walk event. Flourish collaborated with the AKF and Thompson Gray to support public relations efforts for this event and engage the community.

Our team worked with WAAY 31 to produce a PSA video that ran on air for two weeks leading up to the event. Our PR support included writing press releases and media advisories to spread awareness for the AKF’s cause and why it is crucial for Alabama’s communities.

In Spring 2022, Flourish supported the AKF’s kidney walks in both the Shoals area and Huntsville by writing press releases and providing social media coverage for the events. The average UVM (Unique devices visiting publications’ domains in a month divided by total articles) was 443,310. Our team also created an event map of the Huntsville Kidney Walk to highlight participating vendors at the event.

Between these three walks, the Alabama Kidney Foundation raised a combined total of $319,000 to further support Alabamians in need.

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