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Flourish is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), full-service marketing and public relations firm equipped to capture the spirit of your company and mold your strengths into captivating communications tactics. When Flourish is your strategic partner, we ask you to envision your company three, five, and 10 years down the road. The world is constantly changing, as is a business and how we market ourselves. How can companies get ahead when they’re still trying to catch up? Through intentional, strategic marketing– rooted in measurability – Flourish can transform the way you see your business and the way others do, too. We support businesses of all sizes – from small nonprofits to large corporations, within the real estate, telecommunications, software, cybersecurity, advocacy, transportation & logistics, government contracting, entertainment, and more.

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With more than 50 years of hands-on marketing and public relations experience combined, our team of skilled professionals works together to deliver results-driven marketing strategies that push our clients toward their goals. Get to know our team.

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Deep Dive Into Your Business

Our partnership extends well beyond ‘just marketing.’ By interviewing key stakeholders, evaluating your business inside and out, and getting our team up to speed on the industry you’re in and those competitors you’re up against, you can feel confident in our ability to provide the most impactful strategy possible. You wouldn’t hire a new employee with no onboarding, right? Think of us in the same way – with the exception of bringing a wealth of knowledge with us that will be felt from day one.
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Develop a Growth Strategy

This is where our muscles get worked and the caffeine kicks in. Developing the strategy for growth is one of the things we LOVE doing most. Why? It allows us to think outside the box and constantly challenge our way of thinking that way YOUR business can stand out in a way that’s unique to YOUR biggest areas of opportunity.
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Implement, Manage, Succeed

Our team is an extension of yours, providing regular, consultative, and strategic support through daily plan implementation and assessment. Regular collaboration with your team is key – but we’ll oversee your growth plan and provide recommendations for refinement when and where it makes sense. We also hold ourselves to an unbelievably high standard – if you’re not satisfied, chances are we aren’t either. We’re here to succeed on behalf of our clients and do whatever it takes to make that happen.
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