May is the Month for Metamorphosis

This season is characterized by significant changes, whether from the blooming foliage and emergence of new life in nature or the excited anticipation of schoolchildren preparing for summer vacations. Change, although often challenging, can be a much-needed catalyst for progress. Recently, our team reflected on the changes experienced during this period, leading us to consider…

ADHD in the Workplace: Empower Your Employees

Now, more than ever, awareness around mental health diagnoses is becoming an important topic in the workplace. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that an estimated 15% of working-age adults have a mental disorder. At Flourish, we’re dedicated to creating an open and welcoming environment that not only celebrates the differences of each team member,…

Tips for Engaging Employees Through Internal Communications

Does your organization have multiple locations? Have some of your team members expressed feeling disconnected or left out of company announcements and events? Is there a lack of understanding from the team on company goals, updates, and milestones? 

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, have you asked yourself, “how effective is my organization’s internal communications strategy?”