Streamlining Your KPIs with Data Studio: Three Things You Need to Know

Your organization may be engaged in a variety of digital marketing efforts, but are you tracking their results efficiently and consistently? From email campaign link clicks to website traffic sources, there are a variety of key performance indicators that are critical to keep a pulse on to ensure your investments are seeing conversions at an optimized rate. When you have a multitude of digital marketing sources with different KPIs and platforms to track in, it can be challenging to monitor them in a streamlined fashion that is digestible for all stakeholders.

Color Model Guide

A Simplified Guide to Color Models

Did you know there are thousands of regularly used colors and millions more that can be distinguished by the human eye? Naming each color would be impossible. However, scientists have devised various systems of assigning numeric values to colors. These systems are called color models, and they provide precise methods for naming and reproducing exact…

How to Conduct A Marketing SWOT Analysis

How to Conduct a Marketing SWOT Analysis

If you want your marketing strategy to work for you and help you reach your long-term business goals, you must first create a solid foundation based on research, data and facts to guide your decision making process. The best place to start is with a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis. A SWOT analysis…

5 Simple Way to Amp Up Your Social Media

5 Simple Ways To Amp Up Your Social Media Game

As we all know, the world of social media is full of opportunity. Most times, we’ll get caught up in the stories we have to tell, announcements to make, and information to share. However, as we work through our creativity, simple yet important tasks in social media management can fall through the cracks.  Social media,…

Nicole Boonin and Allison Richter

Nicole Boonin and Allison Richter join Flourish amidst firms’ recent growth across North Alabama

(HUNTSVILLE, Ala.) Flourish, a full-service, Huntsville-based strategic marketing and public relations firm, recently hired Nicole Boonin and Allison Richter to support their growing efforts. Since its founding in 2018, Flourish has supported many companies in the Tennessee Valley community spanning the real estate, telecommunications, software, cybersecurity, advocacy, transportation & logistics, government contracting, entertainment and nonprofit…